Join the Revolution of Responsibility, North Carolina

What is the 4-H Revolution of Responsibility? It's a movement for positive change in every community in America. 4-H youth are a living breathing, culture-changing revolution for doing the right thing, breaking through obstacles and pushing our country forward by making a measurable difference right where they live.




The 4-H Benefits

Several recent studies affirm:

  • 4-H members are 50% less likely than non 4-H members to smoke cigarettes, shoplift, or use illegal drugs.
  • 4-H members are 20% more likely to hold a leadership position in their school or community than non 4-H members.
  • 4-H members are 24% more likely to get involved in projects that "help others" than are non 4-H members.
  • 4-H members are 65% more likely than non 4-H members to have held conversations with an adult other than a parent that lasted 10 minutes or more within the past month.
  • 40% of 4-H alumni have completed a university degree, compared to 28% nationwide.


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The 4-H Lessons

4-H Youth:

  • Master skills to make career and life choices.
  • Connect to communities and learn to give back to others.
  • Mature in self-discipline and responsibility.
  • Learn to better understand themselves.
  • Become independent thinkers.
  • Develop lifelong friendships and long-term relationships with caring adults.





The 4-H News Launchs

Over the next decade, the most vital innovations in communities are likely to be lead by young people – 4-Her's. Now at you can read stories stories about how 4-Her's have gotten involved in their communities and made real impacts on societal, civic, economic, and cultural issues.

You can also submit your own story about how you've participated in your community and / or how your 4-H projects are making a difference in your life or the lives of others.