Introduction to NC 4-H Congress

The N.C. State 4-H Congress is an annual educational event sponsored by the 4-H Youth Development Department at N.C. State University and planned by the State 4-H Council. This council is composed of 20 young people who serve as officers from their respective districts and 4 state officers who are elected at Congress. The Congress will be attended by approximately 800 youth ranging in age from 9 to 19 and representing every county in North Carolina.

The major purposes of N.C. 4-H Congress are:

2015 NC 4-H Congress Program

2014 NC 4-H Congress Program

Candlelighting Ceremony

The Candlelighting Ceremony coordinated by the NC 4-H Honor Club is one of the highlights of congress. Each male delegate forms the H's while the female delegates form the clover leaves around them. NC 4-H Honor Club members form the stem of the clover.