Welcome to the educator portion of the 4-H program website. As an educator you might be teaching in a public or private school or could be a home school parent in search of curricula that will assist you in teaching to the Department of Public Instruction Essential and Common Core Standards.   On this page you can view several school enrichment curricula. 

If some the topics are of interest, we encourage you utilize the 4-H agent locator to locate the 4-H agent nearest you who is actively programming in the school enrichment curriculum of interest.  4-H Agents are your best local resource.  Your community connection to them can provide you with more youth development opportunities then just the below school enrichment activities.

You should note that every county might not support each of the pieces listed below.

Current 4-H School Enrichment Curricula Available:

2nd Grade

Bug Out Embryology

3rd Grade

Shoot for the Stars Soil Solutions

4th Grade

Magic of Electricity

5th Grade


6th Grade

Energy Transformation

7th Grade

Power of the Wind Experimenting (Embryology)

Find a 4-H agent by school enrichment programming

All curricula are available through your County 4-H Agent

Other curricula available