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Programs We Support

Major Initiatives

North Carolina 4-H has a history you believe in and a future you can trust! This area showcases the major projects and initiatives that are on-going! Learn about the latest county or state endowment that will benefit a targeted program area. Explore current scholarships and awards programs that you can support. Explore innovative curriculum opportunities! The future of 4-H begins here! Learn how you can support our volunteers and staff.

Annual Campaigns

Wonder what your annual gift supports? Wonder how your end-of-year gift is earmarked? Each year the 4-H Development Fund puts out a “call for proposals” and the finance committee makes recommendation to the Board on those projects that are funded. Review those proposals that were accepted for the current year and select one that you’d like to support!

Camps & Conference Centers

Remember that first time you went away to 4-H camp? Where did you go…to Swannanoa in the mountains, Roanoke Island or Mitchell at the beach, Millstone in the sandhills, Betsy Jeff Penn in the piedmont, or Sertoma Challenge Camp? Perhaps you’ve participated in the Eastern 4-H Center (the replacement to Roanoke Island) or done wilderness camping at Anita Alta.

Remember canoeing or learning to swim? Sitting around a campfire with new friends you were sure were the best you’d ever find? Remember tying your first lure to fish in Bull’s Bay or learning to rock climb at Pilot Mountain? Maybe you can remember taking your own food to camp! Get reconnected with the Camp you attended and find out more about how to help today’s youth create the same memories you have! Our North Carolina 4-H Camps and Centers provide experiences for young people that will last them a lifetime.

Special Campaigns

The 4-H Development Fund hosts major “friendraising” and “fundraising” events across the state. Look here for these exciting opportunities and join us for one or more! Our signature event, The North Carolina 4-H Lifetime Achievement Awards, provides us the opportunity to recognize our outstanding 4-H Alumni and showcase today’s programs!